Green Life Expo

If you are a sustainable business, organization, or individual that would like to be an exhibitor, please register using this 2018 Green Life Expo Exhibitor Form.

Stay tuned for updates to the schedule! More 2018 Green Life Expo details will posted soon! 

Panel Discussions
10:30am - 11:20am    -    Sustainability in Industry, Non-Profit, and Government
11:30am - 12:20pm    -    Sustainability in Education and Research

Hands-On Workshops

Local green businesses, organizations, & exhibitors:        10am-4pm         open activity rooms (no partitions?)

Sustainable Industry Panel:                       10:30-11:20            Auditorium

  • Andrew Saunders (Moderator) - Director of Sustainability, ACC OoS
  • Chris MacMullan - Accurus Aerospace Corporation
  • Daniel Gellan - Kindercore Vinyl and UGA Extension Associate in Climate Change & Bioenergy
  • Marilyn Hall - Athens-Clarke County Senior Water Resources Planner

Green Education/Research Panel:                                        11:30-12:20            Auditorium

  • Dr. Quint Newcomer (Moderator) - Environmental Consultant, Former Director UGA Costa Rica
  • Tad MacMillan - Principal at Clarke Middle School

Hands-on Workshops (TENTATIVE SCHEDULE):                 10:30-1:50              Auditorium                      

  • Laurie Loftin - Homemade non-toxic cleaners                 10:30-11:00            Upstairs Gallery Room
  • Landfill demonstration, Edible Landfill                             11:20-12:00            Upstairs Gallery Room
  • Mr. Pritchard, Kristen Lear - Bat Houses & Education     12:30-1:50             Upstairs Gallery Room

Kids Activities:                                                                         12:00-2:00            Children’s Area

Petting Zoo:                                                                             10:30-3:30            Outside Children’s Area

CMS Orchestra  “Silver Strings”                                                1:30-2:00            Auditorium

Chasing Coral Film:                                                                   2:00-3:30            Auditorium

Post-film Q&A Session & wrap up:                                            3:30-4:00           Auditorium

  • Dr. Jim Porter - UGA Odum School of Ecology
  • Kevin Kirsche - Director of Sustainability at UGA
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